What Happened To California’s Supply Of Medical Equipment: Failed Democrat Leadership

What Happened To California’s Supply Of Medical Equipment: Failed Democrat Leadership

California once had mobile hospitals and a ventilator stockpile. But it dismantled them

— Arnold Schwarzenegger – Republican Governor : California well prepared with mobile hospitals and stockpiles

— Brown – DEMOCRAT Governor : Destroyed supplies

— Newsom – Democrat Governor: current state of noncontrol, Ill preparedness, wasteful spending on failed programs

— At some point we need to ask ourselves, when are failed Democrat liberal states going to stop electing officials that continue to put them at risk ?!

They were ready to roll whenever disaster struck California: three 200-bed mobile hospitals that could be deployed to the scene of a crisis on flatbed trucks and provide advanced medical care to the injured and sick within 72 hours.
Each hospital would be the size of a football field, with a surgery ward, intensive care unit and X-ray equipment. Medical response teams would also have access to a massive stockpile of emergency supplies: 50 million N95 respirators, 2,400 portable ventilators and kits to set up 21,000 additional patient beds wherever they were needed.
In 2006, citing the threat of avian flu, then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced the state would invest hundreds of millions of dollars in a powerful set of medical weapons to deploy in the case of large-scale emergencies and natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires and pandemics.

Then in 2011, the administration of a fiscally minded Democratic governor, Jerry Brown, who came into office facing a $26-billion deficit.

And so, that year, the state cut off the money to store and maintain the stockpile of supplies and the mobile hospitals. The hospitals were defunded before they’d ever been used.

Much of the medical equipment — including the ventilators, critical life-saving tools that are in short supply in the current pandemic — was given to local hospitals and health agencies, former health officials said. But the equipment was donated without any funding to maintain them. The respirators were allowed to expire without being replaced.

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