We’re BACK!

We’re BACK!

Where did we go, you ask ? Thanks to all of our friends and supporters, we had to UPGRADE hosting sites !

Since then, quite a few milestones have happened:

1- President Trump has seated more than 300+ federal judges to ensure we Keep America Great !

2- The RNC is suing state by state to prevent mail in ballots rampant with voter fraud and WINNING, including against California!

3- Hillary Clinton has lost, again, to keep records confidential (she must be used to losing by now).

4- The Senate is issuing subpoenas against the Clinton, Obama, FISA people !

4- The DOJ is issuing indictments against the same !

5- Because of a whole level of TDS, the radical left Antifa is hijacking George Floyd murder and is holding Seattle hostage with Borders, Resident ID and Protection Money to fund their free stuff !

6- All hell has broken loose in failed Democrat run cities: ruining record high employment in economic challenged zones.

7- The radical left has gone insane in response to opening the economy, trying to obstruct President agenda and prevent law and order !

8- This weekend we are celebrating both President Donald J Trump’s birthday, national flag day and rallies are back !

9- We are giving you even more ways to support, make a difference to #KAG2020 and gain exclusive access to events and President Trump !

Wish President Trump A Happy Birthday! Sign your name here: www.TrumpVictoryNOW.com !

It’s National Flag Day ! May She Continue To Wave Freely !

www.TrumpVictoryNOW.com !