Thoughts Of The Day: Coronavirus

Thoughts Of The Day: Coronavirus

Coronavirus Thoughts:

• Economic warfare ✔️
• However China LIES – their propaganda machine is HUGE- and the Dems eat it right up
• We really couldn’t take the chance that this virus was manufactured to wipe out entire segments of population !
• Sucks ✔️
• President Trump was damned if he did or didn’t — better to err on caution
• Bought us TIME in a worst case scenario, retrained hospitals, increased the manufacturing of supplies to handle influx, and completely revamped the entire healthcare industry in under 2 weeks!
• Trump built a failed economy once, he will rebuild this even faster — this is why we need a Red Wave: to ensure those policies are passed to help all businesses.
• The Fed should issue low interest lines of credit to float small / medium businesses to make it through these tough times so they can surge right back to prior

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