The Dems Impeachment “Experts” ?

The Dems Impeachment “Experts” ?


“You won’t be shocked to learn that three of these four witnesses turned out to have a lengthy history of animosity toward President Trump:

Prof. Pamela Karlan is a Democratic donor who suggested the 2016 election could be “illegitimate.” She first raised the prospect of impeaching President Trump in 2016—before he even took office. She’s also argued against the Trump Administration in court.

Prof. Noah Feldman has spent nearly 3 years calling for impeachment—for any reason you can imagine.

Less than two months after Inauguration Day, Feldman was arguing for impeachment . . . because of a tweet. He even called for impeachment because he disliked the President’s (perfectly Constitutional) use of the pardon power.

Prof. Michael Gerhardt spent years working for Democratic officials and campaigns, repeatedly helping Democratic senators fight to block the appointment of conservative judges and justices—including now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh.”

To think, these “Professors”, who target the young child of a President, are entrusted with educating our children ?