President Trump’s SOTU

President Trump’s SOTU
  • President Trump enjoys record high approval ratings: economy, Republicans and American voters as a whole!
  • His speech was uplifting, reflecting all of the positive accomplishments and many to come in the next 4 years!
  • Rush Limbaugh was honored with the medal of freedom, as he paved the way for conservative voices to be heard, at a time when it was nearly impossible! We also pray for him and his family as he undergoes treatment for cancer.
  • Here is a very small sampling of the many accomplishments of President Donald J Trump, as we look forward to many more in the next term !
Promises Made. Promises Kept!
  • As the nation watched, after Petty Pelosi refused to properly introduce the President, she tore the SOTU speech to shreds. An obvious play of theatrics to what little is left of her dwindling base, BUT we think destroying official documents is a CRIME. See here The constant need by the left destroy and rewrite Trump Presidential history will not be forgotten. Who does Nancy Pelosi work for ? It certainly doesn’t seem to be the American people.
Petty Pelosi Tearing SOTU Speech

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