President Donald Trump: RECENT Accomplishments: Immigration

President Donald Trump: RECENT Accomplishments: Immigration


  • Thanks to pressure from President Trump, Mexico apprehended 134,000 people this calendar year, tens of thousands more than last year according to CBP. 09/19
  • From May to August, border apprehensions dropped 56%, reflecting the Administration’s effective “Remain in Mexico” policy which pressures Mexico to control the flow of migrants through the border. 09/19
  • President Trump unveiled his Administration’s plan to create a “fair, modern, and lawful system” of immigration for the United States. 05/19
  • The Department of Homeland Security issued a waiver expediting border wall projects along our Southern Border in order to ensure the security of the United States. 04/19
  • President Trump visited the Southern border where he underscored his commitment to securing the border and providing border officials the capacity needed to address the immigration crisis. 04/19
  • In accordance with President Trump’s commitment to securing the border, the Pentagon announced that it is moving 250 active duty troops to the Texas border in advance of a new caravan of migrants. 02/19
  • To improve border security, the Pentagon announced plans to send thousands of additional troops to the southern border, further demonstrating President Trump’s commitment to securing the border. 01/19


  • June 2018 saw an 18 percent decline in Southwest border apprehensions and inadmissibles compared to May. 07/18
  • President Tump Hosts Angel Families at The White House to discuss the Urgency of Combating Illegal Alien Crimes in the United States and Enforcing our Immigration Laws 06/18
  • First Lady Melania Trump Traveled to McAllen, Texas to Visit Children at Upbring New Hope Children’s Center and Participated in a Roundtable Discussion with Leaders and Staff 06/18
  • President Trump signs Executive Order to Address Family Separation at the Border in Light of Congress’s Negligence to Act 06/18
  • The Pentagon approved DHS’s request for 736 additional national guard personnel. 06/18
  • Improved vetting for refugees, and switched focus to overseas resettlement. 04/18
  • President Signs Memo to End ‘Catch and Release’ Immigration Policy 04/18
  • President Trump approved for the deployment of the national guard to protect the Southwest border. 04/18
  • The Department of Justice Transferred Immigration Judges to Six Detention Centers Near the Border to Work in Courts with Excessive Backlog 04/18


  • Refugee Admissions Hit Lowest Number in 15 Years 12/17
  • U.S. Pulls Out of U.N. Global Compact on Migration 12/17
  • Department of Justice Announces Final Warning to Jurisdictions Suspected of Having “Sanctuary Policies” 10/17
  • Presidential Executive Order on Resuming the United States Refugee Admissions Program with Enhanced Vetting Capabilities. 10/17
  • Department of Justice Announces New Set of Priorities for Grants From the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services 11/17
  • President Trump Releases Immigration Priorities to Secure the Border, Enforce Immigration Laws, and Reform the Immigration System 10/17
  • Under President Trump, ICE Makes 97,482 Arrests of Illegal Aliens, A 43 Percent Increase over the Same Period Last Year 10/17
  • Department of Homeland Security Rescinds Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program 09/17
  • The Number of Counties Participating in the 287(g) Program Doubles The Number of Active Programs in 2016, Is On Track To Triple By the End of The Year 07/17
  • Department of Homeland Security Launches The Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement office to Support Victims of Crimes Committed by Criminal Aliens 04/17
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions Implements New Guidelines to End ‘Catch and Release’ Policies 04/17
  • The House of Representatives Introduces Legislation that Includes $1.6 Billion in Funding For a Border Wall 03/17
  • President Trump Orders the Hiring of 15,000 New Immigration Enforcement Agents, Including 5,000 Additional Border Patrol Agents 02/17

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