President Donald Trump Is Beloved

President Donald Trump Is Beloved

This is a long story (long-ish) but one I hope you can all enjoy.

I was just watching the Fox Town Hall featuring President Trump hosted by Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum in Pennsylvania with a large audience. He interacted with the folks so well and it reminded me of a story I was once told that sums up how the President is related to by those of us who love what he’s doing. The haters will always hate, but consider this story and see what you think.

I once had a very dear (now alas departed) friend named Stanley Ralph Ross, a brilliant writer responsible for so many great TV shows (perhaps most famously the hilarious satire of the original “Batman” in the 60’s) and movies and also an actor and voice-over artist. He was witty, wise, and warm. He was also from Brooklyn, and in case you didn’t know, Brooklyn has a kind of “hall of fame” tribute to famous folks who come from there. It isn’t a building full of statues, but a park that runs down a hill from the big courthouse there with paths and niches and plaques in various parts and has many famous folks honored–you can google it and see.

ANYhow, the year that Stanley was asked to be honored there and attend the ceremonies his “class” of folks inducted included journalist/talk-show host Larry King, who Stanley knew as he knew so many people in the biz. After the ceremonies, the new inductees went into the park to find their own plaques, and King was kind of miffed that his was off on a side step while Stanley’s was quite prominently displayed on the main steps.

“Stanley, I don’t get it!” Larry said, pretending to be amused but, again, truly confused and a bit angry, “I’m MUCH more famous than you are, but look where they put me compared to you!”

My dear pal Stanley had the perfect reply:

“Yes, Larry, but I am beloved.”

And THAT is the word I’d use for how those folks in the audience tonight and so many of us feel about President Trump. Many politicians are admired, famous, important, and honored (and, of course, in the President’s case, hated and envied, too.)

But Donald Trump is….beloved.

God bless him, and thank God we have him making America greater and greater every single day!