NEW Hydroxychloroquine + Azythromycin Studies Shows Promising Results!

NEW Hydroxychloroquine + Azythromycin Studies Shows Promising Results!

— Another New Study, on 80 patients, in France, showed MORE than promising results.

— Governors in certain States have threatened doctors with prosecution for prescribing Hydrochloroquine + azythromycin !

— They claim to want to see clinical studies which could take YEARS.

— These 2 drugs have been available and fda approved for decades. Off label use is common with all drugs. Decision for use should be between the patient and doctor.

— Officials and bureaucracy need to stay out of healthcare!

‪Dr Smith is an infectious disease specialist. ‬
‪He is treating 53 Coronavirus patients. ‬
‪No patient that has undergone 3 days of the hydrochloroquine + azythromycin had to be intubated. That is amazing! ‬

In addition to its direct therapeutic role, hydrochloroquine + azythromycin, can play a role in controlling the epidemic, by limiting the Duration of virus shredding which can last for several weeks in the absence of specific treatment.

Hyrdrochloroquine + Azythromicin in new french study shows huge progress !

Posted by Trumpettesters on Friday, March 27, 2020