NEW Coronavirus Facts: Who’s At Risk + Who Is Not ?

NEW Coronavirus Facts: Who’s At Risk + Who Is Not ?

Coronavirus FACTS:

Dan Bongino excellent show on the Wuhan Coronavirus Stats + Facts !

Posted by Trumpettesters on Tuesday, March 10, 2020
Dan Bongino With The Wuhan Virus Stats + Facts

Per The Surgeon General

1 – People over 60 WITH compromised immune systems (Cancer patients, ongoing diseases, smokers..) more likely to develop complications and be hospitalized 

2- The average age of death, should that occur is 80 

3-Young people are protected / less susceptible 

4- No one under the age of 15 has been diagnosed with Coronavirus ( not even in China where it was most intense) 

5- Elderly + compromised immune systems + smokers at risk !

6-Healthy people in passing contact with others will not contract the virus. 

7- No other President acted faster, sooner and took unprecedented acts to stop the threat of disease: Ordering travel bans and quarantines ( despite being advised to contrary ) February 1st : Dems call trump xenophobic and racist. 

8-  Trump implementating temporary payroll tax cuts for workers and  small businesses etc … This is an important stimulus! Will Dems come to the table and help the American people or will they sit and do nothing and have congressional Dems harm the economy ?

9-Why didn’t the Dems pay attention to the Coronavirus briefings all the way back to January ?! They cared more about the fake impeachment than the American people. 

10- We could have contained the virus in China had the CDC been allowed in ! 

11- The USA does NOT need to shut down !

12- Why don’t the Democrats self – quarantine ? The republicans have out of an abundance of caution. Think of all the shoulders Biden has touched!

Can we all stop fighting over toilet paper now?