Let’s Get REAL!

Let’s Get REAL!


Let’s Get REAL! An Honest History Of The Racist Democrat Party And Black People ! TrumpVictoryNOWA.com !

Posted by Trumpettesters on Friday, June 19, 2020

• When Eisenhower was President , a Republican President, he passed the first civil rights law and wanted to give his black WWII troops including the Tuskegee airmen the same G.I. Bill of Rights as his white troops.

• But it was Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson who was then Senate Majority leader who refused to get it passed for blacks….!!

• The G.I. Bill of rights gave only white troops returning from WWII low cost home owner loans, or low cost business loans, or low cost college or other school loans…..that is what allowed poor whites and new immigrants to advance economically. ( BLOCKED for blacks due DemocRAT LBJ )

• Bcz of LBJ, Democrat Pres, the blacks were left behind of economic opportunity!

• Then when JFK came in he continued Eisenhowers civil rights laws and continued to desegregate the south … but after JFK was murdered,

* LBJ Democrat, gave blacks Welfare (instead of the low cost loans white people got), provided the dads did Not remain in the home….. making them dependent on the Dems ( the plantation ), just enough to exist but not thrive, destroying familial life.

• that was in the 60’s and suddenly drugs were being sold on the street….and the black vote was Democrat….


• Now you know why the Dems want #cancelculture !

• Update: San Francisco rioters tear down statue of Ulysses S Grant

• New York City to remove statue of Theodore Roosevelt, REPUBLICAN, from the Museum of Natural History.

• Memorial of Holocaust survivors destroyed – Santa Rosa Memorial Park

Meanwhile leftist liberals get a free pass ? 🤔

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