Lemons To Lemonade

Lemons To Lemonade

From lemons ? to lemonade ? ( or your lemon accessorized beverage of choice).

Just a few reminders of what President Trump has accomplished to make your life easier amidst the Coronavirus National State Of Emergency:

1- Broadband data caps have been removed (ATT)

2- TSA now allows you to bring ANY SIZE hand sanitizer on flight

3- Student loan federal interest rate charges have been waived — maybe this will lead to larger conversation on:
a) Capping student loan interest rates on both federal and private lenders
b) Making student loans tax deductible— you want “free stuff” and “free college” ? This is the way to do it as it Incentives and rewards pay back in a timely manner.

4- 2-week paid sick leave if you are sick or taking care if someone is sick

5- Water and utilities not being cut off due to nonpayment

6- Evictions halted

These are only a few of the day to day life points.

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