Justice Roberts Supreme Court Decisions

Justice Roberts Supreme Court Decisions

Supreme Court Justice Roberts, was sold to us, as a Conservative, a Conservative to uphold the Constitution.

His recent judgements:

— AGAINST removing DACA

— AGAINST the citizenship question on the census

— AGAINST the requirement for Doctors to have admitting privileges performing abortions

Have absolutely NOTHING to do with upholding the constitution and are not even remotely based on the Constitution, but personal opinion. This is not the job of SCOTUS. Justice Roberts is supposed to STAND UP and support the constitution, not be swung by mere opinion.

Rumor mill has it the Justice Roberts was threatened — if so, he must resign. Apparently he is a gift from the Bush administration the keeps on giving. #fakeconservative.

Regarding hospital admitting privileges with abortions — what happens when a woman has complications due to an abortion ? Such as bleeding ? Timing is critical to save her life. Or an optometrist or ENT performs an abortion ? Are we to allow any unqualified person to perform an abortion ? If Planned Parenthood truly wants equal access to healthcare for all women, they would support the admitting privileges requirement in the best interest of women.