Evil: House Democrats KILL Stimulus Bill!

Evil: House Democrats KILL Stimulus Bill!

House Democrats under Pelosi and SChumer KILL stimulus bill ! Claim to want to present their own padded with their special Interest!! This bill, had, except for radical few, bipartisan support. The NATION is United under President Trump. The Pelosi SChumer obstruction doesn’t want you to see that and must be stopped ! Don’t just #WalkAway … RUN!


Now is the TIME to recognize how utterly “anti-you” and disgustingly pro-self-power are today’s Democrat Leaders.

Never allowing an American Flag on their debate stage during all candidate debates was one hint.

Now though, imposing their political goals on the Corona recovery Bill is fact! No desire at all to focus on getting “you” your help, rather “their” focus on foreign aid, Abortion funding, Election reforms, and all Socialism control items you heard in the debates. WHAT? Yes. All FACT. So “you” are put on hold, Corona health care is put on hold, Mom & Pop business aid is put on hold because of these ridiculous ill timed Socialist.

America, open your eyes. Not ALL Democrats in Washington are like today’s Pelosi/Schumer. Time to ABORT them, not babies it seems.

Politics sucks, but today’s Democrat Leader Behavior is vile, disgusting, and TOTALLY ANTI- American!

Good Democrats, call your Representatives and tell them you SEE THIS!