Democrat Congress Timeline On Coronavirus + Why It Matters

Democrat Congress Timeline On Coronavirus + Why It Matters

?January 11: Chinese state media report the first known death from an illness originating in the Wuhan market.

?January 15: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) holds a vote to send articles of impeachment to the Senate. Pelosi and House Democrats celebrate the “solemn” occasion with a signing ceremony, using commemorative pens.

?January 21: The first person with coronavirus arrives in the United States from China, where he had been in Wuhan.

?January 23: The House impeachment managers make their opening arguments for removing President Trump.

?January 23: China closes off the city of Wuhan completely to slow the spread of coronavirus to the rest of China.

?January 30: Senators begin asking two days of questions of both sides in the president’s impeachment trial.

?January 30: The World Health Organization declares a global health emergency as coronavirus continues to spread.

?January 31: The Senate holds a vote on whether to allow further witnesses and documents in the impeachment trial.

?January 31: President Trump declares a national health emergency and imposes a ban on travel to and from China. Former Vice President Joe Biden calls Trump’s decision “hysterical xenophobia … and fear-mongering.”

?February 2: The first death from coronavirus outside China is reported in the Philippines.

?February 3: House impeachment managers begin closing arguments, calling Trump a threat to national security.

?February 4: President Trump talks about coronavirus in his State of the Union address; Pelosi rips up every page.

?February 5: The Senate votes to acquit President Trump on both articles of impeachment, 52-48 and 53-47.

?February 5: House Democrats finally take up coronavirus in the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia.

The narrative that President Trump waited six weeks to act is ? FALSE!

Perhaps if Democrats weren’t so preoccupied with constant impeachment and Obstruction, they would have been willing to be briefed.