Coronavirus Or Domestic Terrorism / Enemy ?

Coronavirus Or Domestic Terrorism / Enemy ?

~ Roger Bartel Commentary

CORONA or Domestic Enemy

Given the track record of Domestic Enemy attacks attempting to bring the President of the United States down, I now wonder why Democrat Domestic Enemy controlled cities are closing not only schools, but now all Restaurants. What gets closed by them next? Is it coincidence that this happened in Los Angles and New Your or is it further Domestic Enemy action?

The Domestic Enemy mantra today is Crash the Economy to sink POTUS Trump. You heard that from many Domestic Enemys like Bill Maher too. But, today we have the greatest fear mongering crisis occurring in our history. The very greatest. Take CNN & MSNBC’s virtually reporting “fear” 24×7 and of course stressing the fault on POTUS Trump, as if the virus is his.

Forget the CDC facts mind you. You have to do that to remain fearful of Corona. CDC records state 18,000 people already have died from the FLU this year in our country, and normally between 12,000 and 61,000 die every year from the FLU since 2010. CDC stated over 280,000 people get the FLU and or are Hospitalized from the FLU every year. Devastating numbers, right? Yet we barely even think about the FLU. Am I wrong? Nothing gets closed or stopped, and you might see a mention on page 6. CDC states over 80% of the people who had the Corona virus never even knew they did. Over 80%. Yet exactly like the FLU, elderly people who are already physically ill and weak are at a higher risk of fatality from Corona, young people they say are pretty much going to have FLU symptoms for a few days from Corona. You have heard or read the detailed interviews of actual patients in cases. Nothing they say or described was unusual, different, or very physically trying on them. Makes you see the wind coming out of that Media inspired fear baloon. No?

So I ask, if we put our faith in the CDC reported numbers, and the interviews of those who had it, you have to ask why all the huba huba? No one wants the FLU but we all pretty much have had it at some point in our life and nothing resulted but a day maybe two in bed. Run from it? Sure, but nothing to fear. Am I wrong? Sadly I read 50+ elderly people have died in our country from Corona this year. But remember 18,000 have died from the FLU, and CDC states deaths occur each year as follows:

• Heart disease: 647,457

• Cancer: 599,108

• Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936

• Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201

• Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383

• Alzheimer’s disease: 121,404

• Diabetes: 83,564

• Influenza and Pneumonia: 55,672

• Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis: 50,633

• Intentional self-harm (suicide): 47,173

So my friends I have to say Corona is contagious, so is the FLU and the Cold. Why are we only being hyped in fear now on Corona? Is it here? Yes. Is it contagious? Yes. But hey, cold symptoms and the FLU are too? If it is only dangerous for people over 60, why close events, schools, restaurants? Why not ask those over 60 to stay safe and stay home? I really do not know anything more than what the CDC Reports tell me.

Stay calm, you don’t need 100 extra rolls of TP. Honest. Listening to a CDC Doctor on the radio as I write this state it is OK FOR KIDS TO PLAY TOGETHER OUTSIDE since they are home now, just wash their hands. I am a simple well-educated man, I see no fear, I see a media gone bad, and surprise, surprise, todays Domestic Enemy Democrat Leaders like Pelosi & Schumer politicizing the Corona virus not for your benefit but for their POLITICAL BENEFIT! Look, be responsible, be smart, toss your fears down the drain. Keep those CDC reported numbers upfront in your mind. Are you “fearful” of the FLU? If not really, then live your life smart and trust me, this too will pass. Just as the FAKE unfounded attacks on POTUS Trump will pass too. Even if you had it or get it, you will probably never know if not for the media. Remember that. God Bless, and use your head on all this.

Ps: I just heard that IL Governor closed all Restaurants and Bars. Idiot? Yes.