Anatomy Of An Impeachment DemocRAT-Style

Anatomy Of An Impeachment DemocRAT-Style

Or maybe this should be called, if you can’t win, just change the rules of the game, again and again and again …..

Let me take you on a trip down memory lane:

Unbelievable that the media and the left don’t want to investigate this clown and his father. As I understand it…

• Let’s see, Hunter Biden gets thrown out of the military for cocaine use. Gets a divorce so he can be with his dead brother’s wife. Admits to spending much of the family’s money on “drugs, alcohol, strippers and hookers” during the divorce.

• While he’s with his dead brother’s wife, he apparently cheats and impregnates another woman.

• Hunter rents a car and it magically shows up early with drugs in it, a crack pipe, his driver’s license and a Secret Service business card. But Hunter is nowhere to be found. His “friend”, who can not be verified, calls the rental agency to tell them that his “buddy” Hunter, is ill, but the keys are under the gas cap. Oh and could Hunter please get his license back?

• Even though he doesn’t speak Chinese or have much of a business background, his daddy, the Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, flies good ole Hunter to China on Air Force 2, where he closes a deal to manage $1,500,000,000.00 of Chinese money.

• Then, that genius Hunter, who apparently knows little or nothing about Ukraine or oil and does not speak Ukrainian, magically lands a slot on the board of directors of a Ukrainian oil company for over $600,000.00 per year, plus millions to his consulting company.

• But darn it, a Ukrainian prosecutor is investigating Hunter’s company! That could put a serious damper on things, couldn’t it? So daddy, then Vice President Joe Biden, flies to Ukraine, tells them to fire the prosecutor within 6 hours or forfeit $1,000,000.00 in U.S. aid (aka quid pro joe) and Ukraine immediately fires the prosecutor. Then Biden brags on camera about his actions.

• President Trump finds out about all of this and more and green lights the new Ukrainian President wishes to investigate. The Ukrainian President has already cracked down on much corruption in the Ukraine. As a side note, Ukraine ans USA have an agreement to cooperate on investigations.

• But a little apparently partisan snitch named Lt. Colonel Vindman, who was previously considered a leaker, bypasses his superior officer and discusses Trump’s request with lawyers and a “whistleblower” and they instead try to turn the tables on Trump. And the reason we know that Vindman leaks this information to the whistleblower is that he essentially admits it, stating that he told lawyers, “his father and one other person”. When he’s pressed as to who the “other person” is, he’s told not to disclose the identify of the “whistleblower”. That tells you right there that Vindman was the apparent original leaker.

• It’s reported that this “whistleblower”, who was not party to these discussions, was also a leaker, like Vindman, and who was previously fired for leaking, but then rehired by the CIA. Interesting, right? It’s also alleged that this “whistleblower” worked for Joe Biden. What, the “whistleblower” worked for Biden? Hmmmm. But let’s forget about that and maybe the media will stop reporting it. Good, they’ve stopped.

• But just one problem. Third party “whistleblowing” is not admissible. So congress magically changes the rules to allow HEARSAY to be admissible. Shazam, problem solved!

• Eventually, this so-called “whistleblower” appears to meet with Trump-hating congressman Adam Schiff and/or his staff. Schiff denies this, but later new information comes to light making it appear that he is likely lying.

• Schiff’s apparently refers the hearsay partisan “whistleblower” to a Trump-hating attorney who had Tweeted previously that a coup against Trump had begun.

• It appears Schiff’s office, this whistleblower, and the Trump-hating lawyer cooked up a scheme to “turn the tables” on Trump and try to impeach him for requesting an investigation into possible corruption involving the Biden’s and Barisima Holdings, his son’s high-paying employer.

• “If only we can try to convince everyone that Trump’s request is solely politically motivated, perhaps we can take out Trump and shift the focus from the Bidens at the same time!”

• •l The Trump-hating democrats go along with the scheme, bringing forth an “impeachment inquiry” against the president, even though he clearly did not commit any crimes. Hey, why not? They’re bitter over the 2016 election loss, hate his guts, and are concerned that they cannot defeat him in 2020.

• Trump’s side wishes to question the “whistleblower” and Hunter Biden, but their requests are refused by Schiff and the democrats.

• The democrats call as “star witnesses” individuals who had no direct involvement (hearsay) and who could only offer guesses and opinions.

• A compliant and partisan media largely ignores legitimate and obvious concerns over potential corruption involving the Bidens, while screaming daily from the rooftops about “bombshell” testimony” in Trump’s impeachment inquiry, which is actually nothing significant and nothing damaging beyond hearsay, politically biased opinion, and conjecture.

Am I missing anything?

What a piece of work! What shocks me is that some of those I know on the left are so blinded by hatred that they find all of this to be somehow acceptable.

Written by a Trumpettester in California! There are many, not that the media would want you to know it.

Key Points:

• Meet Mark Zaid, aka Whistleblower attorney:‪ “The Coup has already begun “‬

• Zaid Twitter:

• Whistleblower Act: protects a whistleblower from potential retaliatory action. Ir does Not hide their identity ( ref )

• Hearsay is INADMISSABLE in any court of law. Yet thé Dems have written their own rules to allow anything goes from anyone as long as it matches their agenda.

Ask yourselves, what would the media have done if it was Trump’s children exhibiting atrocious behavior and profiting ?

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