A Few Points: Coronavirus Dominoes

A Few Points: Coronavirus Dominoes

A few links we put together today for people that have been asking me for help in dealing with Trump Bashers: just copy / paste;)

  1. 1- we shouldn’t be trashing our president, when he’s done More and at a faster pace than any other previous admin
    2- to those who say he could do “more”, and listen to the Hilary and Joe criticisms, ask yourselves WHY did the Democrats ( Democrat controlled Congress ) ship multiple TONS of medical supplies Internationally to countries that didn’t need them, prior to this pandemic, despite being briefed that the USA stockpiles needed to be ramped up ?!
    3- back to individual state responsibility: why haven’t governors overseen their medical reserve stockpiles ? Why didn’t Cuomo purchase medical supplies instead of cutting their budget ?
    And Why did California under both Brown and Neusom, DESTROY their medical stockpiles? They had enough supplies and mobile hospitals to fill multiple football fields!
    4- 1-3 above: since when did we turn into the nanny state, blame others, do everything for us government? Governors and mayors need to take responsibility, not just photo ops and soundbites for a headline.

We have done MORE and FASTER, from biotech / testing to ramping up supplies as quickly as possible ! ( by engaging private industry .. the man who runs it all … is running America like the corporation it should and a CEO !! Finally !

2: See photo: as usa got its FIRST case of Coronavirus, Pelosi was gifting pens walking into impeachment

  1. Link to tweet:
  1. Trump Timeline:
  1. What did Obama do … Nothing!
  1. Why did congress send ? Intentional sabotage?
  1. Cali USED to have enough emergency units / MASH and ventilators to fill a football field ! You can thank …
  1. Cali Supply
  2. Failed Liberal Leadership http://trumpettesters.com/what-happened-to-californias-supply-of-medical-equipment-failed-democrat-leadership/
  3. The fall of Italy
  1. And lately, the previous administrations, especially Obama, weakened us:
    • 2008 crisis set in motion by changed rules of Clinton administration
      • 2008 bailouts were fake bailouts and allowed banks and corporate America to buy back stock, instead of help the people ( and many other things)
      • allowed ALL (90%+) drugs to be manufactured in CHINA !!
      • uneven balance of trade with China
      • almost let Hauwei take over our entire communications ! Spyware



  • fat liberal judges refusing to follow, weakening our borders, illegal voting …


  • Obamacare
  • shipping all our medical stockpile reserves to other countries ?!

We can thank God (or whomevever spirituality you believe in ) that we were able to elect a LEADER and CHANGE AGENT that has been able to successfully turn around America so quickly in 3 years ! Just think of what President Trump would have been able to accomplish had he not had a destructive obstructive Democrat Congress !

When you take ALL the points listed above: this doesn’t amount to democrat failures or incompetence, it amounts to A SYSTEMATIC COORDINATED WAR ON AMERICA by the democrats!
This is no accident, and was financed and led by globalist agenda.